Electrical tuning of Rashba spin-orbit interaction is demonstrated in InAs nanowires. Results are published in PRB.

Trajectories of quantized conductance are set in the bulk and controlled by gate electrodes. Published in Nanoscale.

Reliable resistive switching is demonstrated in asymmetrically designed atomic-scale memories utilizing all-Ag electrodes.

Electrostatic confinement from disorder is achieved with the help of the Landau gap. Published in Nanoscale.

Not only the interference being constructive, we show phase coherent transport effects in an InAs nanowire Cooper pair splitter.

The role of Joule-heating is understood in a nanometer-scale resistive memory.

We show the tuning of the non-local signal in a Cooper pair splitter by means of local gating.

We demonstrated that Ag2S  memory cells fulfill the expectations for a novel memory device.